Side tank heap air filters

The unique liquid tank sealing method can be used with the self-contained PAO dust outlet and the concentration sampling port standard size FFU, and the high efficiency air supply port is used. Fully meet the new GMP-E requirements Filtration efficiency Generally used with high efficiency air supply. Side tank sealing high efficiency filter detailed parameters. Outer frame: aluminum frame Guard net: double sided Gasket: double-sided Efficiency: 99.99%@0.3μm Initial resistance: 105Pa@0.45m/s Maximum temperature: 80 degrees Maximum humidity: 100% RH (non-condensing state) Filter material: ultra-fine glass fiber Tested one by one before leaving the factory, the test is qualified before leaving the factory Reliable quality and stable performance Other sizes can be customized General use with efficient air supply Product features 1.Liquid tank sealing is a method superior to the mechanical pressing device commonly used in China. The liquid tank sealing filter is easy to install and the sealing is very reliable. It is a high-efficiency filter sealing method commonly used in the world. 2.Advantages: high sealing, good leak retention Applications 1.Widely used in clean rooms with high requirements, such as large area vertical laminar flow, 100-level laminar flow cover, biosafety cabinet, biotechnology, laboratory, aseptic room, pharmaceutical factory and research institute Specific datas:

Product No.


Rated air volume


Initial resistance

Recommended final resistance




H14 99.99%@0.3μm









Special size and specifications can be made according to customer requirements